Wandering's Call

Use the power of your soul to change you and the world around you in this brand-new, easy to pick up, dark modern fantasy tabletop roleplay game

Wandering’s Call is a brand new dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game, based heavily around the soul, spirits, the paranormal, supernatural and the dark world of those Awakened to be able to use the power of their soul to change themselves and the world around them.

Streamlined ruleset – Easy to pick up – Setting Agnostic – Flexible Framework – Roleplay focused

In this game, you play a “Wanderer”, one who is drawn to keep moving from odd occurrence to odd occurrence by a mysterious instinct called the Wandering. You’ll investigate the paranormal, dodge and flee from those who hunt your kind to feast on your delicious soul, and encounter all manner of strange beings and spirits. Out of the box, the theme of Wandering’s Call can be a bit darker and heavier going at times, and is designed to be an exploration of the darker side of fantasy. However, the system has been designed to be tweaked very easily to be higher fantasy and to any power level or theme that the table wishes. The system is set in a mirror to our modern real world, but the book contains tips and direction on how to tweak the rules to fit virtually any setting.

We’re a small, independent team and, together, we’ve pooled all our love of TTRPGs, fantasy, horror, weirdness and storytelling into this brand new game system. It’s been a real labour of love, and we’re so proud of the setting, theme and system!

The Game

The system has been gone over meticulously to ensure it is streamlined and set up for seamless and uninterrupted gameplay and roleplay. If you don’t want to do any maths in your tabletop games, then Wandering’s Call could be for you! Well. Unless counting the number of 6s rolled on a bunch of dice is classed as maths…

The mechanics of the system provide a framework to create a game to your liking, to provide a fair way to rule on what happens, and to provide direction and reduce chaos for when the action really kicks off. It uses only one type of dice too – the one most people usually have lying about – the D6, or six sided dice.

What You Need To Play

Not much at all! Every player should have a character sheet, some six-sided dice, something to write with and something to write on. Not every player needs a Core Rule Book either, but we recommend there are a couple on the table to look up anything you need while playing.

How it Works

The core mechanics revolve around two key areas: skill checks and creating Manifestations.

Characters have 6 core stats, called Cores, and these for the basis of all skill checks – times when you roll a dice to see the outcome of whatever your character is wanting to do. Additional to this are Specialities, which show what your character is best at, and what they are trained to do. Wandering’s Call is a dice pool system, with “pips” representing skill level, and therefore how many dice you roll. More dice rolled = a better chance of succeeding.

Manifestations are the “spells” of the magic system in Wandering’s Call. You use up your valuable Soul Power to create both internal and external effects. Manifestations are more powerful for you if they relate to how your powers awakened within you, and you can pour more and more power into Manifestations to create terrifying effects. Be careful, though – using up your Soul can have…difficult….side effects.

Create huge fireballs, stop bullets mid-flight, climb sheer walls, mind-control people – and so much more.

Why D6s?

Simply – we wanted this game to be as affordable and easy as possible to start playing and, most people, including non-tabletop-gamers, usually have a “normal” dice or two about the place. The system has been crafted to allow this humble few-sided dice to be powerful, and to give a good range of chance and outcomes tied to how the skill and stats system of a character works.